Wayag Island, The Hidden Paradise of Raja Ampat Pride

Wayag Island

West Papua is famous for marine tourism, such as Raja Ampat. This area was first known among foreign tourists and is their dream destination. One that is worth visiting is Wayag Island.

Raja Ampat. This one of Indonesia's paradise is indeed incessant in the lyrics of tourists. Because it has a natural beauty that is still very natural. Beautiful natural scenery, calm atmosphere and warm life patterns also make Raja Ampat a dream destination for many people. Well, of the many tourist destinations in Raja Ampat, there is one beautiful island that is very tempting to the eye. Call it the Wayag Islands!

One of the beaches that became the icon of Raja Ampat is the beach of Wayag Island. The beauty of the beaches and karst hills on Wayag Island is able to enchant the traveler. The wealth of underwater flora and fauna has become a magnet for lovers of diving. Wayag Island is located in the western region of Waigeo from the Raja Ampat Islands, northwest of the large island of Papua.

Wayag Islands is located in the Raja Ampat district, West Papua Province. Has an area of around 155,000 hectares with stunning natural scenery. Where you will be served on beautiful beaches with unique karst islands such as small hills that appear in the middle of the sea. Complete with clear green and blue water along the beach that reveals various types of flora and fauna in the water.

In addition to its amazing natural panorama, the Raja Ampat Wayag Islands also have beautiful underwater beauty. In fact, this place has become one of the best diving spots in Indonesia due to its diverse marine life. Like a beautiful cluster of coral and hundreds of species of sea fish that you can enjoy until you will not be able to describe its beauty in words.

The island is located 10 km north of the equator is the best choice for those of you who want to enjoy a honeymoon with your partner. Social contact with other tourists is only visible from a distance. You can only enjoy the underwater world alone or with a companion to find exotic places. You will feel as if you are in an underwater paradise in the amazing underwater depths of Wayag Island.

Not only that, guys, Wayag Islands is also a perfect place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset as well. Here you can explore the waters while waiting for the sun to rise to refract its golden light. And in the afternoon you can wait for the sunset seconds that will reveal a golden silhouette between the small islands.

By the way, this is what makes the Wayag Islands the Raja Ampat's Icon. Natural beauty that can captivate the eyes and hearts of anyone who sees it. And if you wish, try to hike on one of the small islands while berselfie against the background of a unique group of karst islands. Wow, how can I imagine how happy I am to be able to visit destinations that are almost everyone's dream.

Getting around to enjoy the beauty of Wayag Island actually depends on where you live. So, plan your trip carefully to decide on a good place to live in the Raja Ampat Islands. If you choose one of the resorts in the Raja Ampat Islands, you will need a boat to visit Wayag Island. But if you choose the Liveboard package, you just have to sit back and enjoy the breeze in your cabin and let the schooner pass through the beautiful islands of Raja Ampat. Liveboard Package is a convenient alternative package for your vacation in Raja Ampat Islands.

Well, for those of you who plan to spend vacation time in the Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat, you can take a flight to Sorong. Then, from Sorong you can go to the port and take fast ferry transportation to Waisai, Raja Ampat. With a travel time of about 2 hours. And when you get to Raja Ampat, you just rent a tour boat to go to Wayag and other beautiful islands. Can be a fishing boat, speedboat or motorized boat.